If you’re seeking top-tier professionals with a deep understanding of the Austin market, you’ve found your team. With more than 100 years of commercial real estate experience, our team provides true third party assistance to astute clients who understand the value of having a solid professional standing in their corner.

Development Management

Projects that deliver on time and on budget? Possible? Yes, it is! St. Croix has the team of experts in place to make this concept a reality.

Our knowledgeable experts have designed a combination of integrated services to include project marketing, site assessment and acquisition, market research and analysis, risk minimization, finance and capitalization, plus much more.

Come see why we are the myth busters of development management.

Asset Management

Superior Value with Maximum Returns. Our team’s motto when it comes to asset management. Our expertise and knowledge affords our clients an advanced and systematic approach to obtain optimally cost effective and value enhanced opportunities.

Our proven strategy includes business plan development, exit strategy, investor reporting, debt origination, refinancing, hold/sell analysis, and investment analysis. We have a knowledgeable, experienced, and expert team in place to meet your asset management needs with the common goal of obtaining superior value with maximum returns.

Investment Sales

Pricing, structure, and availability of capital are part of our comprehensive capital market approach for optimal return on investments. St. Croix has a team of experts with an effective combination of investment sales, debt and equity financing, and capital markets experience to give you the desired financial results in today’s market.

Our innovative and effective strategies include negotiating purchase and sale agreements, identifying target-based markets, evaluating and pricing assets, identify pricing and offering negotiations with real-time market knowledge, Buyer’s due diligence, and disposition and acquisition of commercial real estate assets.

Buyer Representation

St. Croix has the investment strategies and market expertise to manifest financially sound transactions for today’s complex and results-driven Buyer. Our expert team of professionals offers creative and knowledgeable ways to ensure your investments are absolute and successful.

Property Management

St. Croix has the industry’s elite team in place to obtain higher occupancy levels and create enhanced property values for our clients.

St. Croix’s management services are unparalleled when it comes to your property to include a wide array of capabilities from the financial aspect to the complete operational fluidity of your property. St. Croix’s Property Management team is THE key strategy in providing your property with the highest standards and success.

Construction Management

Quality, time, and cost are just part of the comprehensive management skills necessary to manage your project successfully. You need a team of professionals that have the expertise and knowledge to make it work.

It takes a level of professionals with the diligent approach to appreciate and recognize the magnitude of overseeing the finite and crucial ongoing project details while managing the overall goals of the owner. At St. Croix, we have that qualified team of experts in place to bring your project to fruition smoothly and seamlessly.

Debt Placement

St. Croix’s highly qualified debt placement team is ready to structure your debt transactions to suit your needs. We utilize an effective method of capital structuring to deliver industry high standards of service. Our client’s success begins and ends with the overall manifestation and execution of industry knowledge, experience, market intelligence, and an acute financial and business acumen.

Our skilled and knowledgeable experts review and analyze the scope of your business plan while providing a meticulous and thorough review and analysis of the deal structure. Our methodical approach and attention to detail ensures optimum results for the entirety of our client’s capital requirements.

Landlord Representation

St. Croix’s commitment to excellence starts with a team of experienced brokerage professionals who understand the bottom-line and take the crucial steps to ensure maximum return on investment.

Our brokerage professionals know how to enhance the value of your real estate asset with proven, well-developed strategies. Knowledge of product positioning, leasing negotiations, creative and enhanced target marketing to prospective tenants, and in-depth awareness and comprehension of the market rates and absorption...these are just a few of the tools we have on hand to make a tangible and profitable impact on your property or portfolio. Big or small, there is no difference; we work for you to ensure your real estate assets are in a fiscally sound and secure position within the marketplace.

Tenant Representation

We are the business drivers of tenant representation offering unparalleled services to meet the needs of today’s tenants in today’s economy.

The real estate market’s ebb and flow requires a heightened sense of market condition awareness that is significant and crucial to today’s tenant business objectives. Our innovative and solution-oriented professionals are using real-time technologies and market data to provide you with the optimal real estate solutions to save you time and money.